Best Sofas For Small Spaces

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The importance of a sofa in a living room is undeniable, as it is the furniture where we spend much of our time reading, watching TV, rest, eating… that is why even if we have a small space, we will always need it one. Do not worry if the room you want to give the sofa is reduced, since there are measures that will adapt to your area without any problem and they still fulfill their functions.

Two-seater sofa

For a reduced space, a two-seater sofa can work for you, and if you have doubts about more or less what its size is, I explain that the size of the sofa varies around the number of seats it has, in this case, the two-seater sofa measures approx—95 cm wide and 1.60 to 1.80 meters long.

Small three-seater sofa

As I explained before, the size depends on the seats, so this sofa is a little longer than the previous one, the width is more or less similar. This piece of furniture is approximately 2 meters long.

Small sofa bed

Whenever we think of a sofa bed, we may have the idea of a large size, but it should not always be this way, since there is a wide variety of models on the market that over time have adapted better to our needs, as in the case of two-seater sofa beds, being an item of furniture that can be an excellent option for a small space, since it occupies precisely the same space as a simple one, simultaneously having a bed that you can use, for For example, when you go to watch television, or even when you have guests; all this in a simple two-seater sofa. However, something you should consider when buying a sofa bed is that its opening system does not take up too much space, be sure to choose one that matches the measurements of your living room.

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Corner sofa

Although there are large corner sofas used in large spaces, you should know that there are also small ones and that they work wonderfully to take advantage of the corners of the living room that are mostly empty, also through this furniture you can even create two environments in the room, the trick is in the way you place it, for example, as said above, to create two environments you can place the most comprehensive part attached to the wall and the excess, which most of the time is shorter, be it the one that divides the space; Make sure to position it so that it does not obstruct any corridors or passageways.


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Modular sofas

They are an excellent option for this type of room since it is adaptable, and you can have it as you wish and accommodate it in those spaces where the passage of people is not necessary. It has a quality of versatility because it comprises several separate pieces that you can join as it suits you to make the most of your area. In addition to this, you can find it in different sizes and designs from which you can choose the one you like the most and resemble your decoration.

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Tips for choosing the best sofa for small spaces


The first thing you should consider when choosing the best sofa is the colour of the fabric because light and neutral colours are recommended for this type of site, giving the feeling of more space in the living room. On the contrary, intense colours give the impression of a small space, so they should be used primarily in large spaces.

Stamped or unicolor:

Another data to consider is that the simplicity of the unicolor fabrics also gives that feeling of more significant space. Still, I recommend that you avoid choosing sofas upholstered in fabrics with prints and especially figures that are too striking and large. In any case, if you want to add color to the sofa, you can do it through cushions and blankets or choose a striped fabric, for example.


Regarding the texture of the fabric, I also recommend smooth materials for small spaces, for the same thing described in the previous items, and that is that you do not need the fabric of your sofa to be too overloaded, since through ornaments or accessories In the living room, cushions and blankets on the couch can give the space the style you want.