Best Velvet Sofas In The UK

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Velvet sofas are undoubtedly in style right now and have been for a long!

They are sure to be a striking focal point in any living room thanks to their luxurious, tactile textures that are ideal for burrowing into attention-grabbing colors that range from bright fuchsia to deep green and pretty much everything in between.

Splendour Velvet Sofa — The Best In The UK

There are no alternatives to match the quality that Splendour velvet sofa delivers in the UK. We adore the mid-century velvet sofa designs since they add enough retro flair to a space without precluding other design eras. They come in a few different sizes, including an oversized corner sofa and a 2-seaters, 3 seaters, 4 seaters sofa.

Our velvet sofas are also hard to snag since they don’t have any elevated weaves or loose threads that could catch on zippers or buttons. Hence, they are not just affordable but durable too! Let’s explore a few of the finest sofas we have below:

2 Seaters and 3 Seaters Velvet Sofa


With our Cricket 3 seater sofa in grass green velvet, indulge in sumptuous leisure. Our sofa has a streamlined, contemporary form and offers deep, boxy seats and a substantially cushioned back. Each time, its arms smoothly taper to make room for side cushions, providing end-to-end relaxation. Our sofa is expertly tailored and exquisitely tufted with buttons.

Its beautiful grass-green velvet upholstery is ready to make a vibrant design statement in your home. Our Cricket 3 seater couch in grass green offers sink-in comfort to be the ideal place to unwind and strengthen relationships with friends and family. It is also available in 8 additional colors, as well as 2 seater velvet sofa, 4 seater velvet sofa, corner sofa, footstool, and ottomans.

4 Seaters Velvet Sofa


Our luxurious Scott 4 seater left-hand chaise velvet sofa comes with a chaise that is sophisticated and fashionable, and ideal for lounging. The sofa has a contemporary silhouette and provides end-to-end bolstering and narrow track arms for a cozy refuge. It enhances any room’s joyful and relaxed vibes with velvety cushions and a profoundly tufted seat.

We love the stunning green velvet sofa that pairs wonderfully with gold accents and other botanical tones. The sofa attracts with its smooth, velvety texture and is offered in various rich, brilliant colors, such as this orange velvet sofa. These sofas feature a comfortable chaise, ideal for spending quality time with family, friends, and even romantic dates, as it beckons everyone to sink in and unwind. Also offered in leather and cloth.

Corner Velvet Sofa


Our luxurious Scott velvet corner sofa is contemporary, clean-lined, and offers unrivaled comfort. The sofa is elevated on tapering mahogany legs to display a contemporary and sleek shape, and it has narrow track arms with luxurious cushions. It has end-to-end bolsters and beautiful tufted details to ensure a chic getaway. The sofa, which comes in various energizing cool colors, embraces luxury with its velvety smooth and supple feel. 

Like a more conventional living room sofa? This option includes classical details and lines to fit nicely with a traditional design. However, because of the contemporary aesthetic of the grass-green velvet, you may combine it with more modern furniture without looking out of place. Our Scott velvet corner sofa sincerely invites guests to congregate and unwind.


Knowing that we will take care of your velvet sofa from manufacturing to delivery allows you to unwind confidently.

We will arrive at your house at the scheduled time and install your brand-new sofa in the specified space. Simply include any pertinent details, such as the floor you want the delivery made to, the presence of a lift, and the number of stairs, if required, in the notes area when placing your purchase.

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