Different Styles of Sofa Explained

When we talk about a Scott sofa, we all have in our mind an image associated with one of them. Still, the truth is that it could be quite different given the enormous typology of sofas that currently coexists on the market. And it is that the offer of sofas is extensive, having them of various sizes, materials, disposition, and characteristics that will end up leaving us undecided in case we are thinking of acquiring a new one.

So that you do not make a mess with all the types of sofas that you can find in the market, we give you the keys to identify each of them and have what you need at all times to ponder your decision and get it right squarely with the choice of your brand new Scott Sofa. It also gives you a hand in identifying the different types of armchairs and their names, ideal for looking for a new armchair for your home.


Although not everyone will agree, given the nuances that may exist between all the styles of sofas that coexist in the market, the truth is that we can find up to ten different types of sofas in shops dedicated to the sale of sofas and home products. This only complicates the decision since it is one of the most expensive and complex products that we will have at home by price, characteristics, and dimensions.


Precisely for this reason, the choice of a sofa should not be made lightly. To know all the alternatives that you have at your fingertips, we must enter the exciting world of sofas and see how some types of sofas differ from others. And we do not forget the armchairs! Believe it or not, there are almost as many types of armchairs as there are sofas. Be careful when choosing yours!

Things to think about

Sofa online. There are so many forms of sofas that a classic two-seater seems no longer surprising, right? The truth is that they continue to occupy a large part of homes as they are designed to be located next to a wall or on one of the sides of the living room. It is ideal for one or two people since it allows you to stretch your legs and support them on the armrest at the other end.

Corner sofa + L-type Sofa. Although some distinguish between corner sofas and L-shaped sofas, the truth is that it is the same type of Sofa. They can be located in the corners to take full advantage of the angle of the wall, although in more modern homes, where the dining room and the living room are the same space, they are used as corner dividers.

These types of sofas are ideal for enjoying a home theatre session with the family, gathering friends, or sleeping with extra space.

Chaise lounge sofa. Its term comes from the French, chaise longue, which in Spanish would mean something like “long chair” or, directly, deck chair. It is a type of Sofa that is characterized by having an ideal divan to stretch the legs.

It is one of the most glamorous types of sofas of all time, and it is associated with the figures of some of the greatest female celebrities of all time.

Modular Sofa. Modular sofas are ideal for nonconformists, who are always looking for a different way to take advantage of the space in their living rooms. Today they are the best for sharing a flat, since they allow you to divide a sofa into several armchairs, in addition to seating several guests if you have them.

It allows creating a single sofa to suit the owner: in an L arrangement, two small sofas located opposite each other, completely separating the modules to create armchairs.

Chesterfield Sofa. It is one of the sofas most associated with a classic and vintage environment. Today, coming from 19th century England, it is a highly coveted commodity by collectors and retro lovers. Its exquisite design continues to set trends, and very few modern sofas have been able to match the class that this Sofa has, closely associated with classic Hollywood and making an appearance in many classic mobster movies.

Sofa bed. It is ideal for any occasion we have to offer a place to sleep for an unexpected guest. Of all the styles of sofas that you can find on the market, the sofa bed is one of the most popular and versatile since it can be applied to other types of sofas that need to incorporate enough space to spend the nights comfortably.

Sofa with storage. Of all the forms of sofas you can find, this is undoubtedly one of the most unique since the storage module usually requires a larger space than the rest of the Sofa. This means that, even though the Sofa can offer the same horizontal space as any other model, one of the modules has extra space to stretch the legs or even to sleep.

It is ideal for those who are looking for a sofa in an L arrangement but do not have the necessary space to incorporate two different pieces into the living room, combining in one piece a conventional sofa, a sofa bed, and a sofa to store everything you need for your rest: pyjamas, cushions, sheets, and blankets will find their ideal storage place on the couch.

Ergonomic Sofa. These types of sofas stand out for the smoothness of their surface, for adapting perfectly to the contour of the body, and for maximizing the space reserved for the back to alleviate the effects of bad posture, muscle tension and to try to provide the rest they deserve—all those people who suffer from some ailment in their joints.

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