How Do I Know If My Sofa Is Good Quality?

Sofas are essential items in the room’s decoration, making the environment complete and perfect for receiving visitors or simply enjoying moments of rest and leisure.

The big problem is that not everyone knows exactly when a model is of good quality, making it difficult to buy. Is this your case? So, check out what to check here to see if it’s a good, durable sofa.

Sofa Structure

A quality living room sofa has a firm and robust structure, which allows the furniture to last much longer, representing an excellent investment in the short, medium, and long term.

The ideal sofa structure is made of solid wood or steel, especially concerning the part of the furniture that receives the most significant load, that is, the seat. These materials are durable and do not deform easily.


The seat is one of the main points to be analyzed, as it indicates whether the furniture is comfortable and durable. There are different combinations, such as a spring-and-foam seat or elastic-foam strap.

Both alternatives are good choices when buying a sofa, but you need to check some details, especially if you choose the spring and foam combination. Give preference to a model that has at least four rows of springs per seat.

Also, always check the density of the sofa foam. The general recommendation is that the mobile seat has D33 foam, which can withstand a load of up to 100 kilos. If people using the furniture weigh more than that, choose a sofa with D45 foam on the seat.

You can choose a lower density foam on the backrest, such as D28 or D23 because this part of the furniture doesn’t receive as much weight. Foams with this density are more malleable, which will provide even more comfort to the backrest.


A high-quality sofa has a damage-resistant lining, which will minimize the risk of tearing easily or getting stains while remaining beautiful for a long time.

Currently, there is a wide variety of sofa coverings. Still, some are more used because they are of high quality, such as suede, velvet, serge, and leather, which are also characterized by being easy to maintain and clean.

Beware of low prices.

It’s tempting to take home a retractable, corner, reclining sofa, among other models, when its value is shallow, but resist! Quality sofas are usually expensive, but they are worth the investment because they last longer.

If the model you are interested in has a meagre price, this could indicate problems such as less resistant structure to damage, less durable and comfortable seats, among others. If you buy it, cheap can be expensive.

Sofa upholstery: characteristics of quality

The upholstery usually consists of several layers: a bottom layer with steel springs or rubber belts is followed by a few layers of foam. But upholstery with pure cold foam is also standard and no longer has to shy away from comparison with feather upholstery.

Wave base: This suspension consists of wave-shaped steel wire (also called no-sag springs). This suspension is a bit softer from the point of view of sitting.

Spring core: Consists of spiral-shaped springs that are arranged side by side. This type of suspension is particularly point-elastic and very durable. To assess the quality of the spring core, you should pay attention to the coils (also called gears, e.g., “5-speed spring core”) of the springs: the more rings the spring core has, the more stable and durable it is. The pocket spring core is also an extremely high-quality form, and here the spiral springs are sewn into individual pockets.

Rubber belts: On some sofas, elastic belts are also used as suspension, for example, when exceptionally soft seating comfort is required. However, belts have the disadvantage that they deform and wear out quickly.

Pure cold foam: Padding made from pure foam is also possible, although these are now of outstanding quality. A sofa with high-quality cold foam or polyether foam also offers high point elasticity and ensures comfortable, ergonomic sitting.

Springwood slats: These are slats made of flexible wood that form a slatted frame. They are mainly used for more extended areas that have an integrated bed function.

What is the best suspension for a sofa – cold foam or innerspring?

This question can not be answered generally. Here it always depends on the quality of the respective suspension type. A high-quality pocket spring core can be just as recommendable as padding made of breathable polyether foam. Combinations are also possible, e.g. a base made of a wave base and spring core, so that the advantages of both variants are combined

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