How to Choose the Perfect 3-Seater Sofa for Your Small Living Room

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“Home is where the heart is.”

Your heart carries everything precious to you, just like your home. Each corner of your home is your reflection, from bedroom to living room. Though the bedroom represents your more personalized taste your living room is a space in your house that is decorated with all the elements that reflect you and your family collectively. It is the most used space in your home, the place where not only you but also your guests feel the cozy warmth of togetherness. 

And that’s why setting up your living room in such a way that it also looks welcoming to your guests is important. From the hues of appeasement embracing the walls to the furniture that makes everyone feel like they’re in the right spot, everything put in your small living room should exude a sense of safety, happiness, and belongingness. By furniture, we mean the sofa, the key component of your living room that meets all your demands of being soft, strong, long-lasting, versatile, and, most importantly, comfortable no matter what. 

Buying a sofa for a small living room that meets all your expectations may sometimes seem confusing, and that’s where we come in to help you. For starters, we would say that the best fit for a small living space would be a 3 seater sofa. However, we know the clouds of confusion won’t disappear so easily. Hence, we have listed a few points that would help you in buying the most fitting 3-seater sofa for your small living room. Keep reading. 

The Design

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If anything has to do with making you fall in love at first sight with a sofa, it’s the design of the sofa. Stepping into a store, whether offline or online, the first thing you notice about a sofa is its design, which makes you feel that it’s the best match for your small living space.  The not-so-big, not-so-small, 3-seater sofa comes in attractive designs with intriguing details that you can try. For instance, the Scott 3 Seater Black velvet Sofa’s pulled-seam design tells you nothing but the amount of comfort you’ll get while lounging on it. 

The Colour 

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With the great influential power of representing the mood of the space, color is something that alone can change the whole game. Colors, whether on the wall of the room or on the sofa, symbolize the way you want to make people feel about your place. And to keep you sorted on that, fortunately, today there is a range of 3 seater sofas available. For example, the  Hayes 3 Seater Green Velvet  Sofa. The grass green color represents hopefulness, comfort, energy, and more. Not sure about this? Visit Splendour Sofa for a whole selection of sofas in beautiful colors that will leave you mesmerized.  

The Upholstery 

So that was all about the sofa matching the mood of your living room. Now let’s be more specific and focus on the feature of the sofa, its upholstery. Not only should your sofa appear good, but it should also be functional. And by functional, we mean the fabric it’s covered with should be appropriate for your needs. For instance, some fabrics are high maintenance, and some aren’t. And keeping your 3 seater sofa shining like brand new for years to come requires you to maintain it by meeting its cleaning and maintenance requirements. For example, the Cricket 3 Seater Sofa petrol velvet with white piping is a gorgeous contrast. 


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Your sofa is an investment you make to enhance your house’s aesthetics, mood, or beauty. It’s not like the curtains, which you will change after a period of time as per your desire. Hence, investing your money in a 3 seater sofa that will age way slower than you is what you need. To ensure that you should prefer a best-in-class sturdy frame made of durable, strong components, etc. 


Decorating a house does require your mind and soul to be fully committed to it in order for your home to come out as the fabulous haven you thought it would be. From top quality materials to the design and colour that make it a beautiful piece, a 3 seater sofa that has it all may make you step in and out of a number of stores. but not with Splendour Sofas. Not only does it have all that you’re looking for, but it also offers outstanding customer service to cut short the lengthy journey of finding the right 3-seater sofa for you. Enjoy decorating your home.

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