How To Choose The Right Size Sofa?

To add an elegant look to your room, sofas play a vital role. It is a matter of huge investment as well the show of your room. Think if you get attracted to a sofa in a store and spend your hard-earned money on it and it doesn’t fit your room size. Now, you never expected that. You can easily get a perfect sofa for your living room, just keep in mind the dimensions. This will help to consider the size of your room as well as style. Follow some best tips to get a sofa of the perfect size.

Different types of sofas:

  1. 2-seater sofa:

A 2-seater sofa is for two people. It is also known as a love seat sofa which is basically for your room. You can get the best design by yourself from a furniture store.

  1. 3-seater sofa:

Most of the families prefer having a 3-seater sofa. It usually meets everyone’s requirements. This sofa comprises 3 seats.

  1. Corner sofa:

Corner sofas are of L-shape. These are a combination of 2-seater and 3-seater sofas. Joint families usually prefer this sofa.


Why the sofa is an important part of the home?

The living room is well known for the comfort it provides. The stuff and type of sofa you use determine the level of comfort your friends and family would seek and feel while you all are sitting in a living room. The more comfortable it is, the more hours you can spend time together. But at the same time, the look and type of sofa are equally important to grace your house.

How to select the right size sofa?

The sofa or couch you select should be according to the people living in your house as well as it should be according to the space your living room has. Before you buy a sofa, remember to look up the dimensions that will suit your room.

Sofas or couches are up to 4-8 feet wide and have a depth of about 28-40 inches. So here are some recommendations on how to select the size:

  1. If you are buying a sofa for 2 people, then the minimum width must be about 50 inches.
  2. Buying a sofa for 3 people then the minimum width must be 78 inches.
  3. If buying a sofa set for 4, then 90 inches is the minimum required width.
  4. For 5 people, 108 is the minimum required width.

The sofa you buy should not touch the wall of your living room or any other room. There must be a minimum of 18 inches of space left from both corners.

Look at the following points to select the sofa:

Many people select a sofa that is not apt according to the space of their room. This causes problems, either they get a bigger or a smaller sofa than the required one. You must consider a sofa by looking at its length and depth. You can select among different variants.

Before buying a sofa for your drawing room or any other room, you must have a look at the points given below:

Why are you buying a sofa?

Before looking at anything, know the reason for buying a sofa set. What is the purpose of buying it? Whether you will make it a reading spot or will use the place for binge-watch or guests’ purposes. You have to be honest. Go for some comfortable couch if you want to sit on it for long. Buy a solid sofa for guests.

Buy a sofa that fits your space well

Choose the area for the sofa that doesn’t look messy. If you place a large sofa in a small room, the room will be and will create a blockage. Select the sofa that will fit your room well, like that won’t create traffic, people can move easily.

The normal couch dimensions, also known as that of the typical sofa surface area, should not obstruct traffic flow within the loungeroom. You’d feel best off by a sofa that is indeed shorter than usual couch dimensions and couch seat measurements if it creates a traffic nightmare.

The sofa is made of a reduced frame with timber legs. It also is covered in such silky velvet that comes in a variety of colors to match the color palette of the space. The measurements of the sofa measure 87 ” broad, 30″ deep, as well as 33″ tall.

Consider your room shape

Before selecting the couch, look at the shape. Few rooms of the house have pillars and some rooms are spacious and open.

The ideal sofa in the area really shouldn’t extend past any walls. This would not, while on the other hand, be stumbling blindly in such a wide expanse. In addition, the sofa must not obscure the house’s unique design forms, including such constructed bookshelves, stoves, or skylights. Before selecting a sofa, all of the current circumstances in the space must always be taken into account.

Select the right proportion

The proportions of a sofa need to be about the magnitude of area. A large sofa doesn’t belong in a tiny space, and conversely. Always keep in mind that perhaps the width of the sofa really shouldn’t take up a complete width of something like the walls. Make sure the sofa has at minimum centimeters of room on each end.

When purchasing a sofa, many people overlook this easy aspect. Whenever the sofa arrives, employees have such a difficult time getting this through your room’s door. Many people may find themselves needing to dismantle the sofa simply inside your house.


Take into account the size of your room area. A tiny couch fits into a little area, whereas a huge couch fits into a vast one. Although that may appear to be a straightforward notion, either new design, as well as the passion of a certain item, may favor squeezing huge couches in tiny spaces. Sadly, it just never appears or sounds comfortable. Small couches, on the other hand, are hidden in vast offices and drawing areas.

Examine some other pieces of furniture items. A big sofa clashes with little armchairs and accent table, as well as conversely. A big, luxurious couch should not be paired alongside small, simple chairs. Maintain your sofa about the rest of all your furnishings.