How To Choose Your Sofa Set


The living room decor has always aroused the curiosity of many people who like to leave their environment of relaxation and fun in their way.

And when we are talking about one of the essential pieces of furniture in this space – the sofa – attention needs to be doubled. After all, he is the family’s first choice to watch television and talk about what happened in their daily lives.

Suppose you’re still unsure how to choose your next 2 and 3 seater sofa set. In that case, we’ll help you by evaluating details such as available space in the living room, the most suitable fabric type, foam density, and the perfect colour to match your décor. Keep reading!


A comfortable, uncluttered living room should allow people to move around and feel comfortable to stretch out and relax, something that is difficult to do with lots of furniture next to each other.

That’s why you should consider the available area by measuring where you plan to install your 2-seater and 3-seater sofa set. As these are two pieces of furniture, this is even more important as the space is more significant.

Some sofas are extended, turning almost into a bed, for example. If the couch you have in mind has this feature, it’s worth adding a few more inches in your living room. Consider at least 70 cm around the furniture so as not to interfere with people’s circulation in the room of the house.

Kind of fabric

As the old saying goes: ‘Less is more. This applies to the finish of the sofa set. 

By choosing a model with plain fabric and no prints, you leave the environment cleaner and less visually charged, providing more comfort for any visitor, including you, who will use it every day.

Choosing a sofa with straight lines also encourages this feeling of spaciousness, which is even more noticeable in small living rooms.

As for the chosen fabric, today, we have options on the market that range from natural fibers, which are incredibly comfortable, to leather, known for its strength and durability. There is no better or worse, as everything will depend on your taste and use of the furniture.


The tip here is to avoid flashy colours (red, orange, yellow) because they get sick quickly, and if you want to change the tone, you will need to spend unnecessary money.

Instead, give preference to neutral tones, like white and beige, for example. Both match most decors and can be complemented with colourful and personalized pillows.

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