How To Make My Sofa Last

In addition to buying a charming Scott sofa that matches the
environment where you will be staying, it is essential to take some precautions
to increase its durability. If you are interested in knowing how to do this,
please continue reading this article.

In the following topics, you will find the seven tips to make your Scott sofa last a lifetime:

1 – Avoid Eating and Drinking While Sitting

The first tip to make your sofa last a lifetime is to take primary daily care so that the piece doesn’t spoil before its time. Among them, don’t bring food and drinks to the couch.

The Scott sofa in velvet is known to be quite easy to clean.

After all, even if blemishes can come out, it’s better to prevent them. The same goes for those who protect the sofa with a cover because, even though it can prevent the mess from spreading to the piece, extra care is never too much.

2 – Pay attention to the position of the sofa in the room

People do not always realize that the sofa is inside the room can be one of those responsible for reducing its useful life. Even more, if the fabric is leather or synthetic fabric.

If they receive direct light, these materials can crack due to a lack of hydration. Place the sofa farther away from direct sunlight or use a cover to protect it to avoid this problem.

3 – Maintain Assiduous Cleaning

Periodic cleaning is another care that makes all the difference in increasing the sofa’s durability. Furthermore, it is pretty simple, requiring only a damp cloth, as products, in general, can damage the fabric.

It is also possible to use the vacuum cleaner for heavier cleaning. So, use the damp cloth more often and, from time to time, the vacuum.

4 – Use a Sofa Protector

In addition to these tips to make your sofa last a lifetime, it may be worth purchasing a fabric protector to ensure it stays new for longer. Nowadays, it is possible to find a suitable model to protect your piece completely.

5 – Waterproofing the Sofa

Waterproofing is another handy tip for those who want to prolong their life. After all, with this procedure, liquids and fluids do not penetrate the fibres of your fabric when poured over it.

But it is necessary to look for a quality company to carry out the work and clean the place as soon as possible when something gets on the sofa—these care to prolong the waterproofing effect, which lasts around three years. 

6 – Seek Professional Cleaning

Even with all these precautions, it is still recommended that the sofa undergo professional cleaning at least once a year. Those who carry out this work have special products and can clean every corner, which is not always easy to reach.

7 – Buy a Quality Product

One more tip to make your sofa last a lifetime is to purchase a quality product. Indisputably, looking for a brand with credibility in the market contributes a lot to your desire to extend the useful life of your piece as much as possible.

The sofa is one of the most used furniture pieces in the house and, for this reason, it is one of the most exposed to possible stains and other damage to the fabric – which can affect the design and look of this important piece of decoration.

Although it is impossible to keep your sofa away from possible fabric damage, it is possible to minimize damage and extend the life of this item. In today’s article, you will learn to conserve your sofa longer with just a few simple tips. Check out!

8– Use covers to protect any surface

An excellent way to conserve your sofa, increasing the useful life of this item in your home, is to use covers for its protection. Several covers and blankets for the sofa feature beautiful prints and colours, which will leave your elegant environment and your upholstery more protected against stains, perforations, and the accumulation of dirt.

9– Do not let the sunshine directly on the sofa.

An excellent way to extend the life of your sofa is to avoid direct exposure of the upholstery to the sun, as the rays can burn and stain the vast majority of fabrics for these items in your home.

Choose to position the sofa in a bright place but not suffer strong sunlight throughout the day.

10– Do not jump or stand on the upholstery

Are you in the habit of standing on your couch or letting your kids hop on the upholstery? These attitudes can make it challenging to keep this piece of furniture since sudden movements can cause the seam to break and the fabric of the sofa upholstery to be perforated more easily, harming the look and design of the item.

Maintaining these simple cares is an efficient and straightforward way to conserve your sofa for longer. Do you know any other strategy to increase the lifetime of this furniture in your home? Let us know in the comment space below!