Sofa Buying Guide

If you are thinking of buying a new sofa to renovate your or your new living room, we give you some tips that will help you make a good purchase and take home a sofa that perfectly suits your space and your needs.

It is important not to rush, so here are eight tips to buy the ideal sofa for you:

Living room space

It is essential to know where you are going to locate the sofa. You can’t buy a couch without knowing what your space is going to be at home. Before going to the store, we recommend that you measure the distance well and make a sketch so that the seller can help you decide what composition and what measurements are appropriate for your space.

Once you have visited the store and given you the measurements of the sofa you like, you can mark the space with a rope at home to see if it occupies the space you want to dedicate, and there is enough space for passage.


Before heading to the store, you should be clear about what use you will give the sofa. A sofa that you are going to use every day for hours and with children at home is not the same as a sofa used as a decorative element or on rare occasions.

This will be an essential point when choosing the design, the cushions, and the upholstery.

Addresses of the nearest stores

Once you have clear the measurements of your living room and the use that you will give the sofa, we recommend that you make a list of the stores you want to visit. Thus, you will not be overwhelmed, and you will be clear about all the options you have.

Seat and back height

Once you are in the store, it is essential that you like the model you choose for its design, but do not forget about comfort. The sofa is usually a piece of furniture where you will spend many hours, so you cannot neglect this aspect, since even if you like the model very much if you are not comfortable in it, it will not be helpful.

Comfort and design

Another point that you should take into account is the foams of the seats and the fanny packs. These should fit your body and be comfortable for you. There are no universally comfortable foams since it will depend on the weight and body of each person. The same foam will not be as comfortable for a woman weighing 60kg as a man weighing 90kg. Therefore, you should try the different foams and sit in the sofa store to choose the most comfortable one for you.

Regarding the design, choose a sofa that you like but do not forget your home and your living room decoration. You must be faithful to your style and consider how you have decorated your living room to know what kind and color will fit with your entire living room.


It would help if you chose the upholstery that best suits your needs and your tastes. Fabrics are the best option, especially those with an anti-stain treatment since they are durable and easy to maintain.

You can also opt for leather or synthetic leather, which can be aesthetically more beautiful and more elegant, but you will have to dedicate more care to them.


Once you have chosen the upholstery, you will be given the choice of the color that you like the most. It is essential that you consider the decoration of your living room and the colors that predominate in it so that the sofa fits perfectly in that environment.

If you are daring and the colors of your living room allow it, we recommend that you choose a lively color that brings joy and light to the living room, such as yellow, turquoise, or orange.


Do not forget that the most important thing is comfort and that you can add different elements to the sofa to make it more comfortable and valuable.

The cushions are the indispensable element. We recommend that you choose them with a pattern that matches the sofa. You can also add a blanket, especially now in winter, since you will give it much use.

A rug will also give you much play and add a touch of elegance and comfort to your living room.

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