What Are Velvet Sofa Pros and Cons?

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Not just people, we are surrounded by many things that have the capability to make us fall in love at first sight. Out of those, one such thing is a velvet upholstered sofa. Telling its story of romance, luxury, and elegance, velvet sofas conveniently capture the thoughts of people who are in search of unique aesthetics for their homes. 

However, taken steps are often seen ebbed away from it considering its maintenance. Should this be the case? To find out, let’s dive deep into the pros and cons of velvet sofas so that you can make your decision heedfully.   


  • Unique Décor: velvet sofas are a sight to behold. The aesthetics of this decorative piece Lift up the feel of any room. velvet upholstery lends a pleasing and inviting sense of luxury and elegance to the room.
  • Luxurious Texture– The soft-to-touch texture is so alluring that anyone would find keeping their hands to themselves hard. Velvet retains its elegance and lavish texture while complementing each type of sofa it covers. 
  • Romantic Appeal: The lavish texture and color options it comes in make it a preferable choice for interior designers to give any room a romantic feel. And for the same reason, velvet sofas are featured in many movie scenes and TV shows, exuding irresistible charm. 
  • Versatile: Velvet upholstery is the epitome of enticing versatility. It can be a significant component in a room to enhance the aesthetics of decor. Whether you envision the retro interiors of the 1950s for your room to display vintage visuals or contemporary minimalist artistry, velvet can add a stylish element. You will surely get delightful compliments from your family and friends for your rooms displaying plush velvet upholstered sofas.
  • Comfortable: Though comfort is something that associates more with the quality material beneath the cover, the upholstery does add some value to it. The welcoming soft touch largely contributes to creating a relaxed feel image in the minds of the people.  
  • Conducive For The Cold Season: Velvet upholstered sofas are one of the conducive accessories that offer warmth in your high-end fashioned room. This unique feature of velvet fabric makes it a preferred choice for colder geographies around the world. 


  • Cleaning: Velvet being soft and fuzzy to the touch, does hold stains quite strongly. And this quality of the velvet makes cleaning a velvet upholstered sofa a difficult task. However, to deal with such stains, you can use a steam carpet cleaner.   
  • Not Suitable For House With Pets: It is imperative to save the velvet sofas from our cuddly cute pets. Velvet does not possess the quality of concealing the scratches of our pet’s claws. And the tendency of velvet fabric to hold hair our pets shed may make velvet sofas difficult to clean. Brushing it every now and then to remove dust and hair is suggested. 
  • Dust-Absorbent Fabric: Velvet fabric is a dense pile of minute evenly cut fibers. that attracts and holds dust particles quite well. To tackle this, frequent cleaning of the velvet sofas is recommended. 
  • Wear and Tear: Velvet is an elegant fabric, but at the same time, it is delicate too. If not maintained well, it may show signs of wear and tear over time.  


The beauty maintained well lasts forever. The same is the case with beautiful velvet sofas. These are the welcoming elements in your house that exude lavish charm for the visitors and the family. All it requires is maintenance, like any other thing in this world. 
If you’re someone who values art and elegance and wants to mindfully set each piece of decor in your house, a velvet sofa should be your go-to option. And to get your hands on this beautiful art piece, visit Splendour Sofas. With a wide variety of sofas that match your needs and wants, Splendour Sofas offers uncompromised top-notch quality sofas made entirely in the UK.